Thursday, August 18, 2016


As I learn more about the world of balloon twisting and decor I am branching out and getting different kinds of balloons. I ordered a goodly amount last week and they came in the mail! (Of course as soon as I placed this order I started seeing a few designs for yet ANOTHER kind of balloon that I do not have yet, sigh, such is life. And I am sure I will soon be ordering more balloons!)

I am continuing to branch out from the standard 260s and 160s, this time getting 350s and the big 646s! Also in this batch I got the really pretty silver 260s and more hearts and 5" rounds. I splurged and got a table arch set up. I have an event next week that I am hoping to do a test run on it and I have plans to use it as part of my own wedding decor in October!

Even though I placed the order it still feels like Christmas when it comes in the mail. I tried playing with the big 646s right away. They are going to need some practice. I feel that my hands are on the small side and at 6 inches in diameter I need all the twisting hand-grip I can get. They are going to take some practice to get used to but their size makes them a showstopper!  I ended up making a simple rosebud flower to show the size a bit.

It's only 2 balloons and almost 30 inches tall! The red bud is a 646 and the green is a 350.

I've got lots more in the works here. I finally found some cups to make the infamous 'candy cups' which I will be sharing soon and I am working on my organization before my big upcoming event next week!

I hope everyone has a lovely Thursday and I will be posting again soon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Hello and WELCOME! Here is my new blog devoted to all things Balloon Twisting. Here I hope to share my adventures with this wonderful medium and share my love for balloons. Check back at the blog for fun balloon pictures and designs, upcoming events, and general fun.

To introduce myself a bit: I am from Rochester, MN. Last spring I took a community education class on balloon twisting and I was hooked! I got all the books the library had on the subject, ordered several packs of balloons, and watched a TON of amazing online video tutorials and I haven't really looked back! I am hoping to share my growing adventures with a larger audience. I have done a few displays and have sold some balloon arrangements for a local HyVee store in town. And I have a couple of events that I am volunteering for and donating my twisting skills that I want to let you all know about. If you have a party or event or need a fun unique gift for that special someone contact me! I am hoping to get a more formal website up and running soon. Until then let the adventure begin!

Here are some of my favorite balloons from this spring. More to come! You can also check out my Facebook Page.